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In Kardze, Tibet

KR-GTT with thang-ka

At the Stupa in Sarnath

Rinpoche's Upcoming Activities

Rinpoche will continue to teach regular weekend courses for the Good Fortune Trust.  Details of upcoming courses below!

Friday 2nd to Monday 5th October 2015

In this course, Rinpoche will give explanation and advice about how to do the long sadhana (self-generation practice) of Solitary Hero Yamantaka.  This will be invaluable for anyone who does this practice, whether or not you have time to recite the long sadhana on a regular basis; Rinpoche’s practical instructions will be immensely helpful for meditating on the short sadhana as well, especially in terms of developing your visualization on the self-generation, which is the real heart of the practice.

There will also be daily tutorials with Tsewang and group practice sessions led by Pema.

In order to attend, you must have received the initiation of Solitary Hero Yamantaka.


VENUE:  TKSL School of Buddhist Science
Suite 89, Level 8
101 Wickham Terrace, Spring Hill

RINPOCHE'S SCHEDULE at TKSL School of Buddhist Science
for the next couple of weeks is here

NOVEMBER COURSE:  Weekend of 14th - 15th

Rinpoche will teach how to purify our faults and negative actions through the practice of confession to the 35 Buddhas.  This is an essential practice for those of us who have taken bodhisattva vows, and if you understand how to do it, it’s not very difficult.  Rinpoche will also explain the meaning of the root and secondary bodhisattva vows to help us keep them properly.
If you haven’t already taken bodhisattva vows, it might seem a too-heavy responsibility, but Rinpoche says if you understand them it’s not so difficult to keep them!  This course is open to anyone


VENUE:  TKSL School of Buddhist Science
Suite 89, Level 8
101 Wickham Terrace, Spring Hill


It’s still to be confirmed whether there will be a course in December but the weekend of 12th-13th looks promising!  STAY TUNED...

Rinpoche's School of Buddhist Science in Brisbane will close for 2 weeks over Christmas-New Year so 
he will definitely have a bit of a break from his regular teaching schedule.  Hopefully he will have a rest as well!

In January he will teach an intensive 10-day course for the School on '400 Stanzas on the Middle Way' before the regular programme starts up again.



With His Holiness the Dalai Lama

With His Holiness at Gyü-me Monastery

Long Life Ceremony at Khangmar Monastery
During Long Life Ceremony in Tibet

At Khangmar Monastery In Tibet

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